It’s Tooth Whitening (Wedding) Season!

It’s that time of year again.  


Spring is springing, and before it has fully sprung, people are looking forward to warmer times, lighter evenings and generally re-ordering their lives. A spring clean if you like.


What has this got to do with teeth, I hear you ask.


It also means wedding season is upon us. According to You and Yours Wedding Magazine, the average cost of a UK wedding is over £20,500.


With the attention to detail couples spend on their big day, we are finding more and more couples want whiter teeth for the photographs. And it’s not just the bride and groom, best men, maids of honour, parents of the bride and groom etc. want to look their best.


The price for our home whitening treatment is £300. This includes:


We feel that whitening is a cost effective and simple way of improving your smile for the big day!