Sore feet, sore ankle, happy heart.

It’s a couple of weeks now, since I (John) completed the Transpennine Challenge.

What can I say apart from it was tough. Very tough.

It ended up taking 29 hours to walk the 100k (62 odd miles) from Manchester to Sheffield, with the last 15k taking about 5 hours!

I tweaked my ankle after 30k or so, and I thought I would walk it off (I couldn’t feel the blisters any more at that point!), and it was OK until about 75k or so. Then the real pain kicked in.

If it wasn’t for my fantastic walking partners Carolyn and Jason, I would have definitely have stopped at 75k.

The event was wonderfully organised by , who I went to Kilimanjaro with in January, they couldn’t have organised it better. The champagne as we crossed the line at Don Valley Stadium was a nice touch, as was the “pick ‘n’ mix” van at one of the rest stops.

At the end I vowed never, ever again. 

Well maybe……………..