Why preventitve dentistry is like golf!

It does seem like a strange analogy to make, but attending the dentist regularly can be similar to playing golf. I’ll explain why below.

Today I had one of my regular patients in surgery. She is in her late seventies, and she regularly attends the practice, every three months.

Discussion turned to how she has the majority of her own teeth and no dentures.

She told me she was “very lucky”.

I stopped her there.

I explained to her, that it wasn’t just luck, it was years of regular attendance which has helped prevent tooth problems/loss.

She had invested her time and money into looking after her teeth.

What has this got to do with golf?

It reminded me of a quote attributed to the golfer Gary Player. It is said that after one spectacular shot , a spectator commented how “lucky” it was. Player fired back,” Do you know, the more I practice, the luckier I get!”.

What I’m saying is , if you invest your time and effort in yourself, the more likely you are to get the result you desire in the long run.

Stay lucky!